Our purpose is to provide a concise, historically accurate and easy to understand explanation of the most important parts of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, within the proper context of American history.

Our goal is to spark greater interest and curiosity in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in both students and curious adults, and to explain how and why the American government bears little resemblance to the form of government articulated in the Constitution.

What Makes this Site Unique?

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Most books and online resources do not explain the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in an historically accurate manner. Most resources explain American history and the Constitution in the same way twentieth century law students have been taught: based on decisions rendered by the United States Supreme Court. As this site will explain, there is nothing sacred about judges who sit on the United States Supreme Court. These judges, like most judges, are merely politically-connected lawyers. In addition, none of these politically connected lawyers are above the corrupting influence of unlimited power and life tenure on the federal bench.

We believe learning American and Constitutional history from school textbooks and Supreme Court decisions does a great disservice to those who seek to learn and understand real history and what the Constitution really means. Other niche sites and resources that accurately explain this information are available on the internet, but it’s difficult to find sites that accurately explain more than one particular issue. In addition, when accurate sources are found, the information is generally not compiled in a topical format. As such, we found it necessary to create this site.


If you want the status quo “interpretation” of the Constitution, we recommend simply checking out Wikipedia for each topic. If you’re studying for the bar exam, please go to Wikipedia or keep your nose buried in your BarBri books. But if you’re interested in learning about what the Constitution really means, and how different that meaning actually is from what politicians, judges, teachers, law professors, journalists and others say it means, then this site should serve as a good resource with plenty of citations and hyperlinks for further learning. This site is perfect if you are a student and want to baffle your school teachers who teach the politically correct (i.e., incorrect) history of the Constitution and the United States.

How to Navigate this Site

Browse the menu above to learn about a particular issue. For example, First Amendment, Second Amendment, Enumerated Powers, Supremacy Clause, etc… We recommend reading the Background and History pages before exploring individual topics.

We welcome your feedback and any suggestions to improve the site. Thank you and enjoy learning about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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