Summary & Conclusions

Federal government does not abide by the Constitution

Virtually everything the federal government does today is unconstitutional. The Enumerated Powers of Article 1, Section 8 have become meaningless. The federal Bill of Rights has been misconstrued by federal courts and turned into a weapon the federal government can use against the states and local self-government. As such, the federal Congress wields unlimited legislative power, the Executive branch possesses virtually unlimited power, and Supreme Court Justices can make up the “law” out of thin air and force their arbitrary, personal opinions upon the entire country. The Constitution and Bill of Rights have become what Thomas Jefferson feared it would: a “blank paper by construction.

Possible to restore Constitutional government in America?

The federal government will never resemble the form of government articulated in the Constitution. Once walls are breached, it’s virtually impossible to re-erect those failed barriers and protections. However, a general move in a positive direction may arrive when the federal government’s financial situation deteriorates further. When interest rates inevitably rise, the US Treasury market collapses, and there’s a severe dollar/currency crisis, previously unthinkable ideas may reappear in the mainstream of American political discourse.

Until the government’s debt and currency crisis arrives, here are some ideas to consider:

Don’t Vote in Federal Elections

Voting in federal elections does not achieve anything positive and actually makes matters worse by granting popular consent and legitimacy to the federal government.

State Nullification of Unconstitutional Federal Laws

Nullification is a mechanism that can be used to fight the exercise of unconstitutional, federal legislative power.

Secession as a Last Resort

Secession and the corresponding right to local self-governance were the fundamental, underlying principles of the American Revolution.

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