Don’t Vote in Federal Elections

Voting does not change or improve anything

Voting in federal elections does not change anything; at least not for the better. Federal power will continue to grow and expand regardless of which political party holds office. Both political parties in the United States are analogous to criminal organizations that use the coercive power of the state to extract wealth from the productive class to bestow upon the politically connected and their favored constituencies. Voting grants cover and legitimacy to these political parties and politicians who willfully and intentionally violate the Constitution.

Voting provides support and consent to being ruled

Voting in federal elections demonstrates both support for the political candidate receiving the vote, and consent to being ruled by that government receiving the vote. 65 million people voted for Barrack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election, out of a total population of 314 million people. 60 million people voted for Mitt Romney. Consider only 21% of the total population expressed their support to being ruled by Barrack Obama, and less than 40% of the total population expressed their consent to being ruled this government.

People who believe in freedom and local self-governance should withdraw their support for criminals, and withdraw their consent to being ruled by an arbitrary, unlimited and unconstitutional federal government. Voting in federal elections contributes to the problem. To the indoctrinated, it sounds like heresy. To the enlightened, it’s a step in the right direction.

No difference between Republicans and Democrats

In modern America, there is no appreciable difference between the two dominant political parties. One party wants more taxes, higher tax rates, more welfare programs and slightly fewer wars. The other party wants slightly fewer taxes, slightly lower tax rates, slightly less welfare and more wars. The choice is between Coke and Pepsi – both are dark colas that have a slight difference in taste, but they’re both loaded with the same poisonous ingredients. If you want lemonade, or orange juice, or plain water, you’re out of luck.

Unlimited Power and Regulatory Capture

Above and beyond all things, neither party respects or abides by the Constitution and its limitations on federal power. Because the federal government can wield unlimited power, powerful interests have a strong incentive to “capture” the government. Regulatory Capture is a widely understood mechanism by which private interests seek to capture and manipulate government policy in its own favor. This principle is especially true today where big, powerful businesses seek to use regulatory agencies to stamp out their competitors. However, few people think this principle applies outside regulatory agencies and across the entire government.

Ask yourself this question: why do people and businesses contribute millions of dollars, and billions of dollars in the aggregate, to both political parties, for Presidential and Congressional campaigns? Does this arise purely from disinterested civic virtue? Of course not. These are the interests politicians serve. The Constitution was supposed to limit the mischief politicians could create. However, today, federal politicians are not constrained with any limitations on their power. As such, these criminals in government can spend, subsidize and redistribute as much money to their political constituents that they can get their hands on. If you want this criminal activity to stop, consider not voting in federal elections.

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