Problems Today

How did American government degenerate from a limited, decentralized, constitutional republic, into the biggest, most powerful centralized government in the history of the world?

American Civil War

The American Civil War destroyed the states/principals and their power of resistance against the central/federal government. Since 1865, the Federal government has been the final judge of its own power.

Fourteenth Amendment

The Fourteenth Amendment, which was never legitimately ratified pursuant to Article 5 of the Constitution, has been used by the Supreme Court to create judicial doctrines, such as Substantive Due Process and the Incorporation Doctrine. These doctrines have aggrandized the power of the federal judiciary, and severely deformed and inverted the plain meaning of the Constitution.

Incorporation Doctrine

The Incorporation Doctrine takes the federal Bill of Rights, which was a shield the states erected against the federal government, and uses it as a weapon against the state governments.

Substantive Due Process

Substantive Due Process: The judicially created doctrine of Substantive Due Process distorts the plain meaning of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to allow federal courts to arbitrarily strike down state laws that do not suit the tastes and preferences of federal judges.

Sixteenth Amendment

The income tax amendment grants the federal government ownership over every American and the value of their labor. The federal government owns you and decides how much of your income you may keep. The income tax also provides the federal government with an enormous tax base to enable countless unconstitutional spending programs.

Seventeenth Amendment

The Seventeenth Amendment destroyed the Senate and disconnected the state governments from the federal legislative process. Following ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment in 1913, the states lost their last remaining power of self-defense against the federal government.

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve steals the purchasing power of Americans’ savings through currency debasement (inflation) and redistributes that stolen purchasing power to the banking sector and to politically favored constituencies. In addition, the unconstitutional modern day welfare and warfare machine could not be financed without the Federal Reserve.

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